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Our Story


Inspired by Grandma's hand knitted wool sweaters, by the bright colours of the traditional blankets from Alentejo and memories of unforgetable travel destinations, BORDA d'AGUA was born accidentaly when trying to replace a horrible handbag shoulder strap screaming some designer's name by a new one which could better express my own personality and taste. 


BORDA d'AGUA looks back at our origins and memories, freely combining influences and styles to create unique products, which are produced and traded based on principles fairness, transparency and sustainability.


BORDA d'AGUA is creative, colourful, romantic and nostalgic.


BORDA d'AGUA believes that individual customization and a manual manufactoring adds a story and a meaning to each product.


BORDA d'AGUA values the minds and hands of the people producing its products and aims to share their creativity to our customers.


BORDA d'AGUA creates colourful Handbags and Accessories to brighten up those grey days or happily go along with sunny skies. All products are handmade and can be customized by our customers to better fit their expectations and express their creativity and individuality.


BORDA d'AGUA products are manually manufactured in Europe by real people and fairly priced considering the all costs involved in its production including the work time invested by each collaborator.

BORDA d'AGUA is commited to a work process and materials that contribute to a better environment.

About Me

After several years working in the hospitality industry in my hometown Lisbon and Cascais, I've decided that my passion for travelling and discovering new cultures should drive my way of life. After years of adventures in the Middle East and now back in Europe, I'm sure I've made the right choice and I would like to encourage everyone to follow their own path. 


BORDA d'AGUA shares this vision. Be Creative. Embrace your individuality.

Let's create something together!

Margarida Borda d'Agua


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Lisboa PT . Basel CH |  WhatsApp: +351 918629690

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