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Size: 58cm Long

Weight: 100g

2 Buckle: ALU-MAX Aluminium (15mm) 

1 Key Ring (26 x 2.2 mm)

1 Snap Hook (45x25mm)

Colours: Cream, Burgundy Spiral

BdA Neck Lanyard Keychain

  • Returns 
    - In case you are not satisfied with the quality of your order please, send us a message

    Declaring a return 
    - Within 05 days after receiving your order, you can send us a message requesting a return. This can be done by sending a private message either in our Instagram or Facebook profiles. Within 05 days after declaring your return, we would like to receive back your order in good condition and packaged as we did. We will refund the order amount within a few working days after we received the return shipment.

    Return Costs
    - Is something wrong with the products you would like to return? In this case, we will cover all shipping fees. However, if you decide to return a product for a personal reason, we will ask you to cover the costs for return instead.

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